What is "Angel Learning"?

"Angel" is Parkland's online course delivery system (Jump to Angel). Angel is a commercial software product published by Angel Learning. Other similar "learning management systems" are Blackboard, WebCT and Moodle. Angel comes with advanced interactive features that allows non-programmers (i.e. teachers) to create sophisticated online tools for students to use. Primarily designed for delivery of online courses, Angel is also very useful for traditional classroom applications.

In the graphic design program, Angel may be used by your instructor for these and other functions:
  • Communication: Emails from instructors will be sent via Angel. This means you must either check your Angel mail often or have your Angel mail forwarded to your personal email address (recommended). To forward Angel mail, click on PREFERENCES (the round icon on the left with a head), then choose "System Settings." Under "Forwarding Mode," choose "Forward my course mail and mark as read in course."
  • Discussion Forums: You can participate in online discussions by posting and responding to other students' posts (click on the "Course Documents" tab). For discussion assignments, Angel will track when and how often you post.
  • Assessment: You can take your quizzes online in the Angel environment. Angel will score your quizzes and give you instant feedback (click on the "Course Documents" tab).
  • Grading: Angel has an online gradebook where you can check how you're progressing in your classes 24/7 (on the course home page, click "See your grades").
  • Attendance: Angel has an online attendance manager that can record your attendance. You can check your attendance record 24/7 (on the course home page, click on the word "Attendance" in the bar).

Every registered student at Parkland is given an Angel account. Your username is the first part of your Parkland email address (the part that comes before the @ symbol). For new students, your default Angel password is your birth date in the following format: MMDDYY. If you need to look up your email account, click here.

Once you have entered Angel, you can change your password (look for the icon on the left labeled "preferences"). Changing your Angel password does not change your email password.

You may also forward your Angel mail to your personal email account (from PREFERENCES, choose SYSTEM SETTING, enter your personal email address, then choose FORWARD MY MAIL AND MARK AS READ).

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