What is Google Groups?

Google Groups is a web-based newsreader designed to access Usenet bulletin boards. Internet bulletin boards allow groups of people communicate effectively by posting and commenting to each other's posts. Google Group's software can search each group's posts and allows you to bookmark topics you're interested in. Google Groups can also send new posts and replies to your email in box.

groups.google.com/group/parkland-gds is an online bulletin board for graphic design students at Parkland College. Students are encouraged to join the group, participate in discussions, post questions and reply to other students' posts. In the Parkland GDS Group, students can:
  • ask software questions: You can post your software questions and/or reply to other students' questions.
  • discuss design issues: You can post your work for critique or feedback from other students (the easiest way to do this is to send an email with an attachment to the group at parkland-gds{AT}googlegroups.com)
  • start new topics: You can begin a discussion on any topic of your choice (movies, music, art, culture, etc.)
  • make announcements: You can post announcements about events or any other news that you want to share with other design students.

To join the Parkland GDS Group, you'll need a Google account (free) or sign in to your Gmail account* first, then browse to groups.google.com/group/parkland-gds/subscribe. When you choose your nickname, please use your real name so that your classmates will recognize you when they see you in class. We recommend that you read the group postings via email (you can change this setting later).

*Also see Why Should I Switch to Gmail? and Google Group's Help Page.

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