Why Should I Switch to Gmail?

Google's Gmail is a free web-based email application. There are many free email services available, but Gmail provides many benefits that other services do not offer.


  • Gmail gives you lots of storage space (currently over 15GB) which means you may never have to delete an email message again
  • Google search your messages by keywords (no need to file your important messages)
  • Smart interface design threads messages so entire conversations are linked
  • Use your own email address (simply forward all your email to your Gmail account and change your "reply to" address to your personal email address)
  • Integrated chat function tracks and archives your chat session as an email message
  • A Gmail account gives you access to many other free services (a robust calendar, Google Drive, Blogger, Google Sites, Google Docs, Google Photos and more)


  • Like most free email services, Gmail is advertising supported. Fortunately, Gmail's ads are text-based and less intrusive.