How do I print to the Epson Stylus Pro Inkjet printer?

From Adobe Illustrator:

  1. Edit > Color Settings:
    • Change RGB working space to "Adobe RGB (1998)"edit-color.jpg
  2. File > Print
    • Change printer to "C138_ColorburstRIP"• Change media size (if needed)
    • In "color Management" category, change printer profile to "Working RGB - Adobe RGB (1998)
    • Printprint-colorMgmt.jpg
  3. Login to the release station using your Parkland One login and password
  4. Launch Colorburst RIP application (if needed)
    • Change environment to "SP4880 1440 Ultra Premium Presentation Matte PK.env"
    • Click "Print Now"epson.jpg

Note: Paper should be placed face down in the tray or face up if loading manually.