How can I install additional fonts?

The "core" font set installed on all workstations in C184, D017, D019 contains specially selected classic typefaces that have been "approved" for design students to use in their projects (see Core Fonts Specimen PDF).

If you need to turn on additional fonts, talk to your instructor first. We do NOT recommend using free fonts designed by amateurs that are available for downloading. These and other outlandish decorative or display fonts may destroy your projects if used improperly.

Instead of using free fonts, consider exploring Adobe Font Folio which contains over 2,300 professionally designed fonts. You may preview these fonts by browsing Fontspring's Adobe library or downloading the Font Folio Specimen PDF.

Parkland has purchased the entire Adobe Font Folio library for you to explore. Here's how to turn additional fonts:

1. Launch the Font Book app (in dock).

2. Click the plus sign button (+) to add additional fonts. Navigate your way to the "~GDS Fonts" folder in the "digishare2" drive

3. Choose the fonts you wish to install (please be selective about the number of fonts you turn on as fonts do take up memory and could potentially slow down your system).

4. Quit Font Book. Your newly installed fonts are now available in all your applications on your current workstation. If you move to another workstation or another room, you will need to repeat this procedure.


You may also bring fonts from home to use in Parkland's Labs. We recommend keeping your font files on your Netshare drive and then turning them on using Font Book as needed.

Note for Windows users: If you are using OTF fonts at home, they should also work fine on Macs. Most TrueType fonts are cross-platform but Postscript Type 1 fonts are not cross-platform.