Welcome to the FAQ wiki for the C184, D017, D019 Macintosh Studios at Parkland College in Champaign IL USA.

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What's new for Spring 2018?

Macintosh Studio Procedures

Key Card Guidelines
How do I reset my Netshare Password?
Where do I save my files?
How do I trouble-shoot a non-responsive computer?
How do I install fonts?
How can I print using my Print Card?
Can I bring in my own paper and print on it in the studio?
Can I work on freelance projects in the studio?
How do I print to the Epson Stylus Pro Inkjet printers?
Why does my home computer perform differently when running Adobe software?

Scanning and Photoshop

How do I scan art?
When scanning images, how do I calculate the correct file size?
What is halftone screen?
How do I scan a printed piece?
Why can't I save all my pictures in the JPEG format?
What is the difference between GIFs and JPEGs?
When should I convert color images to CMYK?
What are some tips for getting good prints from Adobe programs?

File Management

Why can't I just open and save files to my USB Flash drive?
What is the difference between "Save" and "Save As…"?
Why should I keep multiple versions of the same file?
Why do people put "extensions" after their file names?
How can I save Creative Cloud files for use with older versions of Adobe Creative Suite?

Digital Tools for Designers

How does a computer work?
What is the difference between Macs and PCs?
What is the right Adobe application for a project?
What are keyboard shortcuts and why should I use them?
How do I rasterize designs for web portfolio presentation?
How do I render a movie in After Effects?
How do I make PDFs for printers and clients?
How do I make a "screenshot"?
How do I find free stock images that I can use legally?

Digital Tools for Communication

What digital tools can be used to enhance collaboration and communication?
What is "Cobra Learning"?
How do I start a blog?
How do I register a domain name?
What is a wiki, and how do I start one?
How do I forward my student email (Outlook 365) to my personal email account?
Why should I switch to Gmail?
What is proper email etiquette?
What is the best way to share Google Docs?


What library resources are available for graphic design students?
What inspirational internet resources are available for graphic design students?
What copyright and "fair use" issues do students need to be aware of?